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Our OSU cold pressed (in house) unrefined black seed oil 

Hey guys we press all our own black seed oil right here in the UK, from organic Syrian black seeds, that way we can give you full transparency so that you know for sure no other oil is being added to cut or bulk up our black seed oil.

Our black seed oil is also completely unrefined meaning it has a higher percentage of thymoquinone than refined (most store bought) black seed oil.

Black seed oil helps aid your body in its healing process, like a little helper.

We recommend one teaspoon every morning on a empty stomach, we do not recommend taking a higher dosage than this because too much black seed oil can also damage your liver. 

The Thymoquinone in black seed oil affects the expression of cytokines and promotes an already normal inflammatory response, therefore reducing inflammation. One of the amazing things we have found out about immune system response and viruses is that your body loves you so will fight off any foreign invaders that try to compromise your life force. It is the immune system response that causes the symptoms of dis ease. So if your immune system is compromised, there will be more inflammation when your body is doing it’s job to fight off the bad stuff. If there is more inflammation than there is more issues for your body to deal with.

You literally can suffocate yourself due to abnormal inflammation.

Sending power people, your body has rights...

OSU 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾