Everything we sell and produce is sourced from the best quality ingredients we can find, we don't cut any corners, and our food continues to evolve based on what facilities we have available to us. Just like a warrior practices their arts of battle in order to liberate the innocent, we do the same with ourselves in order to liberate our innocence and we offer what we have learned to the public. Our hope is the people feel this internal tuition and decide to pursue choices nutritionally that will perpetuate wellbeing. No matter what we make ourselves available daily with the energy of OSU driving us to be an example to ourselves and others.   



“We operate with the same business model as your local drug dealer, but we represent the possibility to give people a break from toxic, pesticide laden food instead. “

We started on a street corner on Brick Lane, East London, with a box of fresh green coconuts and a machete.  

Now people travel from all over the world to come and try our self invented fresh coconut water pancakes and spelt roti wraps, at our original stomping ground on Brick Lane (every Sunday) as well as Sclater street Market (every Saturday).

Embarking on this journey of offering fresh, green coconuts to to the public, the new possibilities and uses of this nutritional powerhouse are constantly revealing themselves to us.  Be it straight, raw coconut water to drink, coconut water based pancakes, coconut jam, oil, or using the husk to make coconut charcoal, the possibilities are endless.

Through providing living food, and staying true to our clean eating philosophy.  Our duty is to reverse the effects of the toxic environment we live in, by simply helping to give people a break from it. Our aim is to provide an ambience representative of, and conducive to the health of the youth and the generations to come.

We also operate an electric fruit delivery service which allows us to take our produce directly to peoples doors, and as well as food, we use money generated through our coconut business to fund an online meaningful clothing and lifestyle platform 'OSU Lifestyle'.


our guests

The best pancakes ever as I am intolerant to gluten, dairy and soya! Benny is a lovely man with an outgoing personality that makes the whole experience unforgettable!

Nivia B.

The best pancakes ever! And Benny came out to be a really cool person to chat to! Coming back for more of that coconut "world famous" deliciousness! Yummsss

Aydan G.

Beyond delicious and such a lovely treat for my little girly! Clean plates and big smiles all round 😍👌 x

Jade Mc.